, How to Choose the Right Website Design for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Website Design for Your Business

These days, it’s almost impossible to have a business and not have a website. Aside from being your online storefront, your website also allows you to build your brand and cultivate relationships with your customers.

With these benefits in mind, it’s very important to get your website design right the first time, whether you’re using WordPress, Woo Commerce or Shopify.

Here are some useful tips to help you get started:

Think from your customer’s point of view.

 Imagine for a minute that you’re a customer. What do you want to see in your favourite store’s website? Do you want it to be bursting with colors and have a lot of images? Or do you want it to be simple and minimal?

Remember that you are not designing for yourself but for your customers, so it’s very important to see things from their perspective first. You can also talk to your customers or even research your competitor’s website to get some ideas about how you would want to design your own website.

Design with a story in mind.

 You shouldn’t just choose a website design for sales or branding. If you want to capture and keep your audience’s attention, you need to design with your web designer Auckland with a story in mind.

Your goal here is to create a website that will persuade your customers to keep browsing through other pages, which is what you need if you’re going to make your website rank well.

Remember that the time a visitor spends on your website is a crucial element in SEO, so you need to practice consistency throughout all the pages of your site. Stay true to who you are and tell the story of your brand to make it more approachable to customers.

Focus on emotions.

 From colors to fonts, every single element of your website design is an opportunity to direct your customers into a positive emotion that they could relate with your brand.

A good emotional web design can easily make customers feel that sense of belonging, comfort and security towards your business, which will make it easier for you to convince them to buy your products and stay loyal to your brand.

You need to showcase your brand’s personality and what you believe in, and translate that to positive emotions on your website.


Think about accessibility.

 Finally, websites are designed for quick consumption, so you need to make sure that your site is accessible and easy to navigate even for the most novice users.

The Good Head of Marketing David Hoos explains it perfectly: “Website navigation can make or break your visitors’ experience. After all, navigating a site without a logical, well-defined structure is like being dropped in the middle of a complex maze with no map and no frame of references. It’s overwhelming, frustrating, and all-around unpleasant—not exactly the effect you’re hoping for.”

Aside from aesthetics, you should also design your website to be accessible to everyone. Work with your web designer Auckland to make sure that anyone can easily navigate through your pages.   

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